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We Help to Manage Your Suppliers

Supplier management is the most important part of the supply chain. Only working with the right supplier can help you get the most suitable and profitable products with reliable quality control. You may spend lots of time and money unnecessarily on unqualified suppliers before finding the ideal ones. With our supply chain management service, we will be communicating with all of your suppliers on your behalf and following up the orders. You will be updated by our professional team to make sure you are involved and know the whole picture of the deal. RND can be the only supplier you need to talk to save your time and cost greatly.

Chinese Supplier Research

There are millions of China suppliers on Alibaba but there are millions of China factories you totally could not find on the internet who have more competitive prices. Also, there are some areas specialized in certain product categories. For example, Shenzhen for electronics, Shantou for toys, Foshan for furniture. RND provides full supplier research and supplier management service according to your sourcing requests. Our vast supplier network and on-ground sourcing experience help to find the best-matched supplier for you.

Chinese Supplier Audit & Compliance

When you are working with a new supplier, you don't know if they are a real manufacturer or not. Are they reliable? Can you trust them? You may spend tons of time and cost to try different suppliers. RND helps you audit suppliers from the beginning to pick up the most reliable suppliers who have good reputation and products.

Chinese Supplier Dynamic Management

We track the suppliers performance continuously by each order and delivery. If any supplier failed to reach our standard or trust, it will be removed from our network and replaced by new reliable suppliers. This is all to make sure your orders secure and no quality issue.

Chinese Supplier Development

RND supply chain includes the main manufacturers from most of the industries. We keep developing relationships with these manufacturers to make sure you get the most competitive prices and your orders on top priority. On the other hand, these suppliers are more pleased to cooperate with us by providing lower MOQ, more favorable pricing, more friendly sampling policy, priority production schedule, faster delivery time to make you outstanding from your competitors.

Payment Distribution To Different Suppliers

You may have placed orders to a couple of suppliers but do not want to spend much time and cost on sending payments to them. As your agent, we can receive your payment in one time, distribute the payments to different suppliers, collect the orders together and ship them in one shipment.

RND Chinese Supplier Network

2000+reliable and cooperative suppliers from various industries with high performance and keep on expanding.

Supply Chain Optimization

We are supplying high quality and profitable products to our partners to grow their business
A Streamlined Supply Line
Whatever products you need, we develop source and deliver them to you, and help you achieve your sourcing goals: Cost saving, Higher quality, and Faster delivery.
Worry-Free Solution
We bear all the buying risks for you. Our expert team will follow up on each detail of every single order with our high standard. We deliver upon our promise.
The Power Behind Your Business Growth
Wherever you are in your seller's journey, RND helps to improve your supply chain, build your brand & maximize your profits so as to grow your business
  • What Exactly Does a China Sourcing Agent Do?
    Imagine having a local partner in China who understands the market dynamics, speaks the language, and has connections with reliable manufacturers. That's precisely what a China sourcing agent offers. These professionals act as intermediaries, representing your interests while liaising with suppliers. From identifying suitable suppliers to overseeing production and quality control, they navigate the complex landscape of international sourcing.
  • What Benefits of Using a Sourcing Agent?
    Firstly, they possess intricate market knowledge, keeping you informed about trends and opportunities. Their established network grants you access to trusted suppliers, reducing the risk of scams or subpar products. Moreover, these agents handle negotiations, often securing better deals than you might on your own. They bridge the cultural and linguistic barrier, ensuring clear communications. This all culminates in faster procurement, cost savings, and minimized operational hiccups.
  • What services do China sourcing agents provide?
    China sourcing agents streamline procurement by identifying suppliers, negotiating prices, and ensuring quality. They manage logistics, bridge cultural gaps, and offer market insights for efficient and risk-mitigated sourcing. Explore tailored solutions at Your China Agent.
  • How to Find a Reliable And Suitable Agent?
    Selecting the ideal sourcing agent is a critical decision.
  • How to Identify a Good and Reliable China Sourcing Agent?
    Find out how to identify a good China sourcing agent at a simple guide here.
Discover profitable products and reliable suppliers in China with RND. Our comprehensive services ensure seamless order management, secure and cost-effective shipping, and customized solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Experience a hassle-free sourcing journey with us!
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