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Yiwu market is the biggest international wholesale market. It is the most suitable market for importers, wholesalers, retailers, shop owners, Amazon sellers and new business owners to find profitable products, more cooperative suppliers and pick up new ideas of your business because of the low MOQ, competitive wholesale prices and more than 2.1 million items from 75,000+ suppliers in one place.

You are strongly recommended to visist us to check the market and talk with the suppliers directly to have better idea of what and how to source and purchase here.

No worries about your trip in China. As soon as you arrive in China airport, our driver and your sourcing agent will pick you up and send you to the booked hotel. They will be with you in the whole trip, taking you to anywhere necessary and responsible for your security. Once you start visiting the market, your sourcing agent will be your market guide and interpreter because the market is so big that you could lost your way any minute and most of the suppliers could not communicate in fluent English. We will help you get the items info, including prices, dimensions, material, colors available, packing details, MOQ, lead time, delivery time, etc. Once you decide to order any items, we will place the order to the supplier you choose. You will also have the PI with the order details from us. Till here, you are all free to go home and leave the rest of the work to us.

The order will be in operation once we receive the deposit or full payment from you. We will collect the order and inspect the quality in our warehouse when it is ready. The order will be shipped out through our forwarding company or yours if you have after we receive the balance payment. The BL,CI and PL of the shipment will be sent to you in a week since the vessel leaves China. Then you only need to sit tight and wait for the order arrive in your country.

With our guiding and following help, the whole sourcing and purchasing will be quite easy and enjoyable.


More than 15 years, RND has assisted more than 500 clients by managing their supply chain. Our service has helped them achieve higher purchasing efficiency, stricter quality control, faster sales and lower cost.
PlanService FeeServices included
Basic Plan3% of the order value, minimum fee 100USD/deal.If you decide to use your own suppliers in China, we can work with them to ensure the products are produced as your requirements. Once your suppliers send the cargo to our warehouse, we will inspect the quality and arrange the shipping to your address.
Pro Plan0%, all-in price for the productWe help to find the most suitable suppliers, obtain quotations, and provide manufacturing solutions free of charge.Once you are satisfied with the prices and samples, you place the order directly to us. We will take care of the production, quality inspection, and shipping to your address.RND ensures product quality and provides free replacement or compensation if any quality issue happens.
Customize PlanTalk to us for more detailsYou may need unique service to increase and smooth your business. Our dedicated and experienced team will find you the best solution to success.

Introduction Of Yiwu Markets

Yiwu China Commodities City, sitting in Yiwu of Zhejiang since 1982, covers an area of over 6,400,000 m2 with 75,000 booths, 210,000 staff and 210,000 daily visitors. It sells 2.1 million items from 26 commodity categories. It's the center of business, information and display of small commodities. The UN, World Bank and JP Morgan have named it the "largest small commodity wholesale market" in the world.

Yiwu China Commodities City is the largest small commodities export base in China. So far, Yiwu markets have traded with over 210 countries and regions with export revenue accounting for 65% of Yiwu's GDP. Yiwu receives 500,000 foreign buyers each year, hosts 13,000 foreign residents, 20 more transnational retailing giants like Walmart and Metro as well as over 30 domestic supermarket brands. There are over 6,800 foreign-invested companies, among which 2,500 belong to foreign-funded partnership enterprise that equals 75% nationally.

Not only the brick-and-mortar business keeps booming, the integration of online and offline as well as import and export are progressing. Especially e-commerce is given the impetus. There are now over 310,000 e-shops. Yiwu is the only county-level city to be selected as the national cross-border e-commerce pilot zone by the State Council. Yiwu China Imported Commodities Mall exhibits 100,000 kinds of goods from over 100 countries and regions, and paves its way to "buy from the world; sell to the world".

Not only the brick-and-mortar business keeps booming, the integration of online and offline as well as import and export are progressing. Especially e-commerce is given the impetus. There are now over 310,000 e-shops. Yiwu is the only county-level city to be selected as the national cross-border e-commerce pilot zone by the State Council. Yiwu China Imported Commodities Mall exhibits 100,000 kinds of goods from over 100 countries and regions, and paves its way to "buy from the world; sell to the world".

In April 2013, eight national authorities including the Department of Commerce jointly announced that Yiwu would pilot the new trade model Market Purchase, excelling in management efficiency, fast flowing and traceability. It not only pushes up the export growth in Yiwu, but sets a new benchmark for other wholesale markets nationwide. Yiwu has a robust logistic system covering 321 prefecture-level cities and the main inland port in Zhejiang. It's China's largest less-than-truckload (LTL) distribution center. It has the longest Yiwu-Xinjiang-Europe train running in and out, and Yiwu-Ningbo-Zhoushan Corridor is under construction. The United Nations Economic and Social Committee for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) has put it into the international port city list.

Welcome to Yiwu China Commodities City.

Yiwu International Trade Market- District 1

Yiwu International Trade Market- District 1 opened on 22 October 2002 covering an area of 420 mu. It provides 340,000 ㎡ of floor space for over 8,000 booths and 10,000 businesses.

Floor 1 is mainly for flowers (artificial flowers), flower accessories, plush toys, inflatable toys, electric toys and ordinary toys; Floor 2 for headdress and jewelry; Floor 3 for festival & wedding crafts, decorations, porcelain, crystals, photo frames and accessories; Floor 4 for factory outlet center of porcelain, home decorations, ornaments, Christmas supplies and artificial flowers as well as big distributors of jewelry and jade. District 1 is equipped with all sorts of service like banks, post offices, registration, taxing, logistics, warehouses and website ads. It is now the world-renowned commodities center with lots of big brands from home and abroad.

Yiwu International Trade Market- District 1 receives over 80,000 visitors daily on average, among which 3,000 are foreigners. Over 70% products are for export and more than 95% vendors can do international trading.

Yiwu International Trade Market- District 1 East

Yiwu International Trade Market- District 1 East opened on 6 January 2016 covering an area of 79,100 m2. It provides 370,000 m2 floor area for over 2,500 booths.

Floor 1 is mainly for jewelry accessories; Floor 2 for jewelry and jewelry accessories; Floor 3 for jewelry.

Yiwu International Trade Market- District 2

Yiwu International Trade Market- District 2 (F, G) opened on 22 October 2004 covering an area of 483 mu with floor space of 600,000 m2. It hosts more than 8,000 booths and 10,000 businesses.

Floor 1 is for bags, suitcases, umbrellas, ponchos, outdoor leisure products and gift packaging; Floor 2 for hardware, tools, electrical products, locks and automotive parts; Floor 3 for kitchen and bath, home appliances, telecommunication devices, electronic instruments and watches; Floor 4 has factory outlet center and local specialty pavilions; Floor 5 has trade purchase service center and special goods exhibition. East building is equipped with offices for registration, taxing, police, banks, catering, logistics and telecom. You can also find office building, 4-star hotel and two squares in the east and west respectively. Free shuttle bus is available. This market is awarded the AAAA tourist attraction by the China National Tourism Administration. In 2016, the "Premiere Visit Route" was set up for visitors to tour around.

On the 2nd and 3rd floor of central hall in District 2, there is the Innovative Products Display Center and China Commodities History Museum. The display center is a window for Yiwu's progress in environmental protection, intelligence, fashion and R&D. The exhibited goods are from enterprises like Hangzhou Konke (Yiwu), Chongqing Young (Beijing), Taiwan Cultural and Creative Project and the national Thousand Talents Plan.

Yiwu International Trade Market- District 3

Yiwu International Trade Market- District 3 opened in September 2005 with a floor space of 460,000 m2. On floor 1-3, over 6,000 booths have an area of 14 m2 each; on floor 4-5, over 650 showrooms occupy at least 50 m2 each. In total, there are more than 8,000 businesses here.

Floor 1 is for pens, ink, paper and glasses; Floor 2 for school & office supplies, sports instruments and goods; Floor 3 for cosmetics, zippers, buttons and clothing accessories; Floor 4 has factory outlet center; Floor 5 operates painting and arts (decorative drawings, photo frame accessories and tooling). In the linking building, Floor 1 and Basement level 1 exhibit Chinese New Year paintings, wall calendar and couplets; Floor 2 has Zhejiang Manufacturer Brands Center (Artificial Intelligence Display Center); Floor 3 is for clothing accessories.

It's quite eay and confortable to shop here with supporting services like e-commerce system, smart security, logistics, delivery and financing. Central air-conditioning, big information screens, Wi-Fi, web TV, data center, expressway, parking lots, catering, accommodation and recreations are all well equipped. We sincerely invite all Chinese and overseas business people, manufacturers and trade firms to join us and make prospects together.

Yiwu International Trade Market- District 4

center and factory outlet center mainly with bras, underwear, swimwear, scarves, shoes, paintings, hats and display equipment.

District 4 offers all-round service facilities. The buyer service center and bars are indoors. Logistics, e-commerce, international trade, finance and catering are provided in the east and west auxiliary buildings. You can also get your car easily parked underground, on the ground or rooftop. All sorts of vehicles can reach different floors of markets from outside.

District 4 is a cosmopolitan building based on the green design concept. It has many high-tech features like solar power, rain recycling system, smart sky windows, giant screens, broadband network and central air-conitioning. It's Yiwu's modern landmark.

Yiwu International Trade Market- District 5

Yiwu International Trade Market- District 5 opened in 5 May 2011, bordered by District 4 on the west, Chunfeng Road on the east, Chengxin Avenue on the north and Yinhai Road on the south. It covers an area of 266.2 mu with floor space of 640,000 m2 with five storeys above the ground and two underground. There are 7,000 booths on Floor 1 – 5 mainly for imported goods, bedding, wigs, cloth (curtain cloth), festival and wedding supplies, knitting material, hotel supplies, automotive parts & accessories, pet (aquarium) supplies, delivery and e-commerce service area.

Floor 5 of District 5 is National E-commerce Demonstration Base, also the China Commodities City·E-commerce Service Area. It gathers e-commerce firms in trade business, agency, photograph, design, IT, logistics and finance, and helps facilitate online and offline business. You can get information and support about party building, start-up, law, entertainment and assistance from the party service center on the same floor.

District 5 incorporates international business complex features. Apart from facilities like e-commerce, smart security, logistics and finance, it's also equipped with the central air-conditioning, big screens, broadband network, data center, elevated driveway, parking lots, rain recycling and automatic sky window. It boasts as the most modern and international wholesale market in China that encompasses shopping, tourism and recreation.

Yiwu China Imported Commodities Mall

In the new age, we seize the golden timing for import and export to build up the largest import commodity market in China, upgrading Yiwu China Commodities City from "buy from China; sell to China" to "buy from the world; sell to the world".

Yiwu China Imported Commodities Mall sets benchmark for peers in China. Opening in 2008, it moved to Yiwu International Trade Market- District 5 in 2011 due to the expansion. It provides a business area of 100,000 m2 to exhibit 100,000 kinds of products from over 100 countries and regions, including food, wine, health products, daily necessities, jewelry, baby's supplies, cosmetics, household and kitchen supplies. It's a one-stop imports purchase base where exhibition, operation, negotiation and trading can all be completed.

Yiwu China Commodities City Huangyuan Apparel Market

Huangyuan Apparel Market sits at Yiwu's most flourishing business circle Xiuhu. It has an area of 7.8 hectares with floor area of 420,000 m2, and opened on 5 May 2011. The total cost is RMB 1.4 billion.

It has 8 storeys above ground for wholesaling, retailing, trade and import. There are 4,992 booths from the first floor to the fifth. Floor 1 is for jeans, tailor-made garments and retailing; Floor 2 for men's wear, fashion and clothing accessories; Floor 3 for women's wear; Floor 4 for women's wear, pajamas, woolen sweaters and sports wear (shirts); Floor 5 for kids' wear which mostly go to Zhejiang and provinces nearby or export to the Middle East and Africa. Floor 6 with an area of 10,000 m2 is especially for relaxing where you can find the cinema, branding restaurants, fast food and bakeries. On Floor 7 & 8, the Korean clothes shop and quality life pavilion occupy an operation area of 70,000 m2, and other services like catering, training institutions and beauty saloons are also offered. Shopping, recreation and culture are all here.

Transport is convenient with 1,800 parking spots on the 6th floor, basement and nearby the market. There is designated area for people getting off and buyer's vehicle parking. Central air-conditioning, big screens, broadband network, escalators and elevators are all equipped inside the market. A 4-star hotel, located on the northeast of the market, provides much more convenience for vendors and shoppers to talk through business or relax themselves.

Yiwu International Production Materials Market

Under leadership of Yiwu government, Zhejiang China Commodities City Group invested RMB 3 billion to build up the Yiwu International Production Materials Market. It is located on the southwest of Yiwu airport with 8 km away from Yiwu International Trade Market. It takes an area of 520 mu with floor area of 750,000 m2.

Major sectors: Creative Decoration (Soft), Middle/Top-Level Lighting, Home Appliances, Artificial Flowers, Leathers, Sewing Machine, Hotel Equipment, Mechanical And Electrical Machines, Weaving Machines, Injection Molding Machines, Printing And Packing Machines As Well As Plastic Partials.

Yiwu China Import Incubation Center

In January 2019, Zhejiang Party Committee and government approved a pilot program on international trade reform in Yiwu, embarking on a new chapter of the city. Yiwu Party Committee and government take the momentum to construct China Import Commodity Incubation Center (abbreviated as "Incubation Center"). The mission is to leverage Yiwu's trade and foreign businesses strength to develop "Market 6.0" (the six generation of Yiwu markets) based on the current free trade zone and demonstration area. We'll make more innovation in business models and market functions, and ultimately present a full-channel import center as part of the "Capital of World Commodities".

The Incubation Center sits at the central area of Yiwu International Trade Reform Pilot program, with 3.8 km away from the Yiwu International Trade Market and 6.8 km from the red tourism route "Former Residence of Chen Wangdao". The transport is quite convenient since it's close to Yiwu airport, railway station and expressway exits.

It covers a floor area of 120,000 m2, hosting 190 suppliers to exhibit 150,000 kinds of commodities from over 100 countries and regions. The major ones are like wine, food, daily necessities, arts & crafts, cosmetics, electronics and electrical devices, kitchen & household supplies and building materials. There are in total 34 national pavilions representing 31 countries.

Binwang Market (Binwang 158 Cultural and Creative Park)

Bingwang Market at No. 158 Binwang Street occupies an area of 193 mu with floor area of 290,000 m2. It's Yiwu's key project. Frequent trade transactions and rich night business resource have laid the solid foundation for it to grow into the commodity R&D center, trade center and global buyers' living service center.

Different from the traditional Yiwu International Trade Market, Binwang Market represents the new generation. Here, products display is more versatile, shopping experience is more interactive, and transaction goes smarter. R&D innovation, big data and new media are introduced and have made their influence. You can see quick new product launch, high quality goods exhibition, foreign businessmen to buy at night, online trade payment, supply chain finance and more traffic diverted to the market by new media. It will be a place for office, recreation, sightseeing and comfortable staying.

Bingwang Market- District C opened in April 2017 and is themed on innovation. It now hosts 29 businesses including company's R&D centers, design institutes, new media workshops and space for intangible cultural heritage. The main building attracts 40 design institutions like China Yiwu Industrial Design Center, Korean Design Yiwu Center and Shanghai Promotion Center for City of Design (Yiwu).

District D's main project Poly Art + opened on 27 April 2018 and is directly managed by Poly Culture Group. Floor 1 has Yiwu Poly Global Cultural & Creative Industry Collaboration Center exhibiting five types of products in relation to intangible cultural heritage, museum, Yixing pottery, Jingdezhen porcelain and Taiwanese animation. Floor 2 has Poly Auction to provide overseas art auction and copyright trading service. It's the first integrated platform for overseas art auction, bonded area, restoration, authentication and exhibition.

District B with a floor area of 20,300 m2 is showroom for industries and enterprises. Floor 1 hosts 64 suppliers of cosmetics, jewelry, glasses, suitcases, bags, leathers, shoes, hats and scarves. It's the first night market in Yiwu and started the soft opening on 1 January 2020.

District A covers a floor area of 32,700 m2. It's planed for creative kitchen area, digital appliance area, home living area, kids' playground and buyers' service area. Imported baby's products, daily necessities (household & kitchen supplies), hardware tools and bath supplies will be exhibited here. It's equipped with the new media operation center, maker space and new product launch show.

District E has Yiwu Selection & Imports Pavilion covering a floor area of 10,000 m2. Since Bingwang Market prioritizes design and exhibition, this district keeps an eye on it too and selects Yiwu Selection and Imported Goods as the theme. We'll develop it to a high quality space and bring more local premium goods, branding restaurants and recreational facilities. Night business is another highlight. It will be Yiwu Selection booth demonstration center.

Liaoning Xiliu·Yiwu China Commodities City

Liaoning Xiliu·Yiwu China Commodities City is located at Xiliu town of Haicheng in Liaoning. Phase 1 covers a floor area of 820,000 m2 with 7,000 booths for clothing, knitting, baby's products, daily necessities, imported goods and e-commerce.

The well-equipped market can meet all sorts of needs of vendors and buyers. It has a big parking area and a circular driveway connecting to each floor. Certain empty rooms are left for temporary use on the fourth floor. The service facilities situate at the east and west side as well as H-shaped passage in the middle, quite convenient for suppliers and buyers to find what they need.

Phase 2 is about to start the construction. It will concentrate on Yiwu small commodities, Xiliu garments, E-commerce live streaming and O2O. We'd like to call it Yunshang Town.

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