Your China agent of products sourcing, developing, bundling and shipping.

Looking for the most popular and profitable products?Needing someone to take care of your orders and manage your suppliers in China?We source products and suppliers at reasonable cost and provide solutions of products developing, bundling, packaging and shipping.


6+ years experience of developing, bundling and producing Amazon Choice and Best Seller products.


15+ years experience of China sourcing, Yiwu market researching and purchasing.


working with 500+ medium and large buyers.


2000+ direct factories network.


save your purchasing cost up to 50%.


85% of new clients choose us.


95% of existing customers have been with us more than 5 years.


100% responsible to the quality of your orders.

What We Do

  • Sourcing

    China products and suppliers sourcing, Yiwu market researching and purchasing, to save your money and time and guard against fraud.

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  • Inspection & Quality Control

    Investigate your suppliers, follow up the production and inspect the products' quality to make sure everything is on the track and save your cost and time greatly.

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  • Shipping

    Container and loose cargo shipping, FBA and 3PL shipments through air, ocean or train by the most secure and economic way .

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  • Product Developing & Bundling

    Always find the most innovative and economic way to develop new products and the most considerate way of bundling to make your products the Amazon Choice and Best Seller.

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How We Make Your Business Successful?

More than being your sourcing agent, we care about you and your business.

We Care About Quality.

We have higher inspection proportion than third-party inspection companies to make sure there is no quality issue when the products arrive in your warehouse.

We Care About The Shipping Security.

We always work with the most capable and reliable forwarding companies to make sure the cargo goes through the customs and arrives into your warehouse smoothly.

We Care About Your Cost.

We get quotations from minimum 3 suppliers to make sure the prices are always competitive.

We Care About Your Business Growing.

Our professional sourcing team keeps sending you the latest info and the best selling products in different categories to keep you and your business up with the industry.

We Care About The After Sales.

We make sure all of our suppliers respond promptly if you have any issue after receiving the orders. A positive atitude from the supplier is critical in our measurement.

We Care About Our Commitment.

We take every single one of you seriously. Whenever there is a problem, we provide solutions in short time.

How To Work With Us

Step 01

Submit the inquiry of your needs. We will email you in few hours to assign you an agent to start working together.

Step 02

Send you the product quotation in two business days or less. Samples will be confirmed if necessary.

Step 03

Confirm all product details with your agent before making a bulk order. Your agent will coordinate with factories, follow up on production, make on-site inspection to make sure everything is on the track.

Step 04

Collect the products in our warehouse, inspect the quality and arrange courier/sea/air/train shipping to your address, FBA fulfillment center or 3PL warehouse.

Hear What They Say About Us.

500+ midium and large buyers are working with us. They have different kinds of business, including wholesaling, manufacturing, retailing, Amazon, Shopify, Wish, Ebay, etc.


United States

RND and Nick were a great help when we were visiting backpack factories in Quanzhou, Yiwu, Yongkang, China.

Nick did a tremendous job in communicating with our suppliers and solved a couple of difficulties and issues in new product developing and production. With their guiding, my friend David and I also visited Yiwu Market which was a big shock to our mindset. We had several great ideas for our new products developing and business direction.

RND always gives us their most professional and forward-looking advice. This is a company deserves your trust, especially if you already have a muture business and look for new growth.



RND company is one of the best companies that we have cooperated for many years and we can trust.They always help us find the best quality and the best prices in Yiwu market. Their delivery time is very quick.

The whole team of RND company is friendly and looking for the best for us. Because of covid situation, we can not travel to China now. We are having a lot of help from this company.RND you are the best ❤️



We've been working with RND for more than 10 years. They make my sourcing and purchasing from China much easier and save lots of time and money for me.

Nick and Riona took good care of my whole family during our trip in China. They also visited us in Poland in 2013 to attend a China trade show in Warsaw. I've put a couple of my contacts and friends in Poland to RND who did their work perfectly. This is a partner for work and real friend for family.


United States

RND has been our sourcing agent for 7 years. They make everything super easy for us.

They take care of everything in China so all we have to focus on is selling the items once they arrive.

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  • What services do China sourcing agents provide?
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RND aims to find you profitable products from reliable China suppliers, take good care of your orders, deliver shipments in secure and economic way, provide one stop solutions to Amazon sellers. We make your sourcing and purchasing from China enjoyable.
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