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Searching for High-Demand, Profitable Products?Seeking Expert Support to Manage Orders and Suppliers in China?Discover Cost-Effective Sourcing, Development, Bundling, Packaging, and Shipping Solutions with Us.


7+ years experience of developing, bundling and producing Amazon Choice and Best Seller products.


15+ years experience of China sourcing, Yiwu market researching and purchasing.


working with 500+ medium and large buyers.


2000+ direct factories network.


save your purchasing cost up to 50%.


80% of new clients choose to work with us.


95% of existing customers have been with us more than 5 years.


100%  committed to your order and your business.

Value-added Services

  • Product Sourcing

    As a professional China sourcing company, we offer comprehensive procurement services covering products and suppliers from across China, including the renowned YIWU wholesale Market. Our expertise ensures efficient sourcing, saving you time and money while safeguarding against fraud.

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  • Product Developing & Bundling

    Product development is the process of transforming your product concept into a commodity, or improving on an existing product into a new product. We will walk you through the entire process
    Product bundling here we are talking about  involves grouping multiple items into a single package or bundle. Our service extends to customizing packaging for these bundled products, ensuring they meet specific requirements and preferences.  

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  •  Quality Inspection

    Our team can conduct mid-production inspections, inspections at final delivery, or on-site inspections, even one-by-one to ensure that every product meets your standards. From specifications to functionality, we cover every aspect of quality to ensure customer satisfaction.
    We inspect goods to AQL 2.5 or to the standard required by the customer.

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  • Shipping Arrangements

    Efficient Transportation Solutions: From container and bulk shipments to FBA and 3PL shipments, or door-to-door shipments, we simplify the purchasing process by delivering safely and economically to your door by air, sea or rail.

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How We Make Your Business Successful?

More than being your sourcing agent, we care about you and your business.

We Care About Quality.

We have higher inspection proportion than third-party inspection companies to make sure there is no quality issue when the products arrive in your warehouse.

We Care About The Shipping Security.

We always work with the most capable and reliable forwarding companies to make sure the cargo goes through the customs and arrives into your warehouse smoothly.

We Care About Your Cost.

We get quotations from minimum 3 suppliers to make sure the prices are always competitive.

We Care About Your Business Growing.

Our professional sourcing team keeps sending you the latest info and the best selling products in different categories to keep you and your business up with the industry.

We Care About The After Sales.

We make sure all of our suppliers respond promptly if you have any issue after receiving the orders. A positive atitude from the supplier is critical in our measurement.

We Care About Our Commitment.

We take every single one of you seriously. Whenever there is a problem, we provide solutions in short time.

Introduction of The Workflow

Step 01

Submit the inquiry of your needs. We will email you in few hours to assign you an agent to start working together.

Step 02

We send you the product quotation in two business days or less. Samples will be arranged if necessary.

Step 03

Confirm all product details with your agent before making a bulk order. Your agent will coordinate with factories, follow up on production, make on-site inspection to make sure everything is on the track.

Step 04

Collect the products in our warehouse, inspect the quality and arrange courier/sea/air/train shipping to your address, FBA fulfillment center or 3PL warehouse or your address door-to-door.

Hear What They Say About Us.

We are proud to work with hundreds of clients from various countries and industries, such as wholesalers, retail chains, brands and e-commerce business owners.


United States

RND and Nick were a great help when we were visiting backpack factories in Quanzhou, Yiwu, Yongkang, China.

Nick did a tremendous job in communicating with our suppliers and solved a couple of difficulties and issues in new product developing and production. With their guiding, my friend David and I also visited Yiwu Market which was a big shock to our mindset. We had several great ideas for our new products developing and business direction.

RND always gives us their most professional and forward-looking advice. This is a company deserves your trust, especially if you already have a muture business and look for new growth.



RND company is one of the best companies that we have cooperated for many years and we can trust.They always help us find the best quality and the best prices in Yiwu market. Their delivery time is very quick.

The whole team of RND company is friendly and looking for the best for us. Because of covid situation, we can not travel to China now. We are having a lot of help from this company.RND you are the best ❤️



We've been working with RND for more than 10 years. They make my sourcing and purchasing from China much easier and save lots of time and money for me.

Nick and Riona took good care of my whole family during our trip in China. They also visited us in Poland in 2013 to attend a China trade show in Warsaw. I've put a couple of my contacts and friends in Poland to RND who did their work perfectly. This is a partner for work and real friend for family.


United States

RND has been our sourcing agent for 7 years. They make everything super easy for us.

They take care of everything in China so all we have to focus on is selling the items once they arrive.

  • What Exactly Does a China Sourcing Agent Do?
    Imagine having a local partner in China who understands the market dynamics, speaks the language, and has connections with reliable manufacturers. That's precisely what a China sourcing agent offers. These professionals act as intermediaries, representing your interests while liaising with suppliers. From identifying suitable suppliers to overseeing production and quality control, they navigate the complex landscape of international sourcing.

    A China sourcing agent plays a crucial role in facilitating and streamlining the process of procuring goods and products from China for businesses and individuals worldwide. They serve as expert  guides who have an in-depth understanding of the Chinese market, its industries, and the intricacies of sourcing products from this vast and diverse country. Here's a comprehensive look at what a China sourcing agent does:

    Supplier Identification:  They use their local networks, industry knowledge, and market research to target the reliable and cost-effective manufacturers or suppliers.

    Verification and Qualification: They assess factors such as business licenses, certifications, product quality, and production capabilities to ensure they meet the client's requirements.

    Price Negotiation: Sourcing agents negotiate prices and terms with suppliers on behalf of their clients to secure the best possible deals. Their knowledge of local customs and business practices often helps in achieving  pricing goals.

    Quality Control:  They can do factory inspections, quality checks, and product testing to make sure the products meet the specified standards and requirements.

    Logistics and Shipping: Sourcing agents manage the logistics of transporting goods from China to the client's destination. This includes arranging shipping, customs clearance, and tracking shipments to ensure timely delivery.

    Risk Management: Agents help clients mitigate risks associated with international trade, including legal and regulatory compliance, intellectual property protection, and contract enforcement.

    Communication and Language: They bridge the language and cultural gap between the client and the Chinese suppliers. Fluent in both Mandarin and English, sourcing agents facilitate effective communication and help prevent misunderstandings.

    Sample Procurement: Before placing bulk orders, sourcing agents can arrange for product samples to be sent to the client for evaluation, ensuring that the product meets their expectations.

    Cost Efficiency: Sourcing agents work to optimize costs throughout the procurement process, minimizing expenses related to transportation, import duties, and other overheads.

    Market Insights: Sourcing agents keep clients informed about market trends, changes in regulations, and emerging opportunities, helping them make informed decisions.

    Customized Solutions: They tailor their services to meet the specific needs and requirements of each client, whether it's sourcing raw materials, finished products, or OEM manufacturing.

    Transparency: Sourcing agents maintain transparency by providing regular updates, reports, and documentation related to the sourcing process, ensuring clients are well-informed at every stage.

    In summary, a China sourcing agent acts as a trusted partner and a valuable resource for businesses and individuals looking to source products from China. They bring expertise, local knowledge, and a network of contacts to streamline the procurement process, minimize risks, and ultimately help clients obtain high-quality products at competitive prices.
  • What Benefits of Using a Sourcing Agent?
    Firstly, they possess intricate market knowledge, keeping you informed about trends and opportunities. Their established network grants you access to trusted suppliers, reducing the risk of scams or subpar products. Moreover, these agents handle negotiations, often securing better deals than you might on your own. They bridge the cultural and linguistic barrier, ensuring clear communications. This all culminates in faster procurement, cost savings, and minimized operational hiccups.
    Using a sourcing agent offers a multitude of benefits, making it a smart choice for businesses and individuals looking to procure goods from overseas markets, particularly from China. These benefits encompass various aspects of the sourcing process and contribute to a smoother, more cost-effective, and efficient experience. Here are some key advantages of using a sourcing agent:

    Expertise and Local Knowledge: Sourcing agents possess in-depth knowledge of the local market, suppliers, and industries in their respective regions. This expertise allows them to identify reliable suppliers, negotiate effectively, and navigate the complexities of international trade.

    Time and Resource Savings: Sourcing can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive process, especially for those unfamiliar with the Chinese market. Sourcing agents handle the legwork, saving clients valuable time and resources that can be allocated to other critical business tasks.

    Access to a Vast Supplier Network: Sourcing agents have established networks of trusted suppliers and manufacturers. They can tap into these connections to find the most suitable partners for a wide range of products, ensuring a diverse supplier pool to choose from.

    Cost Efficiency: Agents are skilled negotiators who work to secure the best possible prices and terms from suppliers. They can leverage their local presence and knowledge of market dynamics to obtain cost-effective deals.

    Quality Assurance: Sourcing agents play a crucial role in ensuring product quality. They conduct factory inspections, quality checks, and product testing to guarantee that the goods meet the required standards and specifications.

    Risk Mitigation: International sourcing involves various risks, including legal, regulatory, and logistical challenges. Sourcing agents are well-versed in these risks and help clients navigate them, reducing the likelihood of costly errors or compliance issues.

    Language and Cultural Barrier Elimination: Effective communication is vital in international trade. Sourcing agents bridge the language and cultural gap between clients and suppliers, facilitating clear and efficient communication to prevent misunderstandings.

    Customized Solutions: Sourcing agents tailor their services to meet the specific needs and preferences of each client. Whether it's sourcing raw materials, finished products, or providing OEM manufacturing solutions, they adapt to individual requirements.

    Supply Chain Management: Agents manage the entire supply chain, from supplier selection to shipping and delivery, ensuring a seamless and efficient process from start to finish.

    Market Insights: Sourcing agents keep clients informed about market trends, regulatory changes, and emerging opportunities, enabling them to make informed decisions and stay competitive.

    Transparency and Reporting: Agents provide regular updates, reports, and documentation related to the sourcing process. This transparency gives clients a clear view of the progress and costs involved.

    Cost Reduction: By optimizing logistics, minimizing overheads, and negotiating favorable terms, sourcing agents contribute to cost reduction, ultimately improving the client's bottom line.

    As discussed above, using a sourcing agent offers a wide array of benefits, including expert guidance, cost savings, quality assurance, and risk mitigation. These advantages make sourcing agents invaluable partners for businesses and individuals seeking to navigate the complexities of international trade and source products efficiently and effectively from global markets like China.

  • What services do China sourcing agents provide?
    China sourcing agents streamline procurement by identifying suppliers, negotiating prices, and ensuring quality. They manage logistics, bridge cultural gaps, and offer market insights for efficient and risk-mitigated sourcing. Explore tailored solutions at Your China Agent.
    What services do China sourcing agents provide?

    A China Sourcing agent company can help you in many aspects, following listed the mainly services that they can offer:
    Sourcing Services: Identifying reliable suppliers in China.
    Negotiation: Skillful price negotiation on behalf of clients.
    Quality Control: Ensuring product quality through inspections.
    Logistics Management: Overseeing shipping, customs, and warehousing.
    Cultural Bridging: Navigating cultural and language differences.
    Market Insights: Providing valuable information on market trends.

  • How to Find a Reliable And Suitable Agent?
    Selecting the ideal sourcing agent is a critical decision.

    Selecting the ideal sourcing agent is a critical decision. Begin by evaluating their experience and track record. A reliable agent should have a proven history of successful partnerships. Transparency is paramount – they should provide clear pricing structures and be open about any affiliations. Effective communication skills, responsiveness, and a customer-centric approach are non-negotiable. Scrutinize their understanding of your industry and product, as this knowledge greatly impacts their ability to find the right suppliers.

  • How to Identify a Good and Reliable China Sourcing Agent?
    Find out how to identify a good China sourcing agent at a simple guide here.

    How to Identify a Reliable Sourcing Agent: A 5-Step Guide

    Unlock endless possibilities for your business by partnering with a sourcing agent. Acting as your expert guide in navigating local markets, sourcing agents play a pivotal role in supplier selection. To avoid risks, follow our five-step guide for finding the right sourcing agent:

    Step 1: Conduct Thorough Research

    Explore diverse sources, such as trade shows and industry networks, to compile a list of potential agents. Seek recommendations and consider companies experienced in your industry and target markets.

    Step 2: Create a Shortlist and Initiate Contact

    After initial research, narrow down your choices and engage with potential agents. Utilize free consultations to understand their services better and ensure they align with your business needs.

    Step 3: Evaluate Costs and Risks

    Choose an agent transparent about costs, budget, and potential risks. Clear communication on these aspects is vital. Bigger agent company might look better but it doesn't mean smaller China agent company is out of competition, since smaller sourcing agent companies care more of how to serve their clients better and are willing to support their customer in every way they could. However, larger companies agent usually take it as a job so they only be available at working hours while small agent companies might be really 24/7 on call. Of course, larger companies have rich resources.

    Step 4: Negotiate Effectively

    Negotiate service prices with your preferred agent, observing their integrity and honesty during the process. Inquire about potential discounts for ongoing orders to gauge long-term cost-effectiveness.

    Step 5: Compare, Question, and Assess

    Compare negotiated prices with other agents and pose essential questions:

    • Does the agent understand your business and vision?
    • Is the agent realistic about possibilities and challenges?
    • What commission does the agent receive, and are they transparent about it?
    • Is the agent committed to a long-term partnership?

    Discover the Trusted Difference with RND Sourcing

    At RND Sourcing Company, we prioritize your business's growth by securing the best quality products at your desired price point. Trust us for ongoing support, quality assurance, and seamless communication with China suppliers. Connect with us today to embark on your global sourcing journey.


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Discover profitable products and reliable suppliers in China with RND. Our comprehensive services ensure seamless order management, secure and cost-effective shipping, and customized solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Experience a hassle-free sourcing journey with us!
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