As a seller on Amazon, how to find suppliers in China?

Sourcing from China can be a risky business. Finding a reliable supplier is the first problem, with only a website to look at, it is impossible to know if you are dealing with a state of the art factory or a back street sweat shop.Our office is located in the biggest international wholelsale market, Yiwu market. We can talk with thousands of suppliers and check their products face to face. Also, we have a database of established reliable suppliers and will use the information you provide to find the best supplier that fits your Amazon FBA business.

Wholesale Suppliers

Wholesalers provide sellers with the opportunity to buy a large number of products at a much lower price. If you purchase more products, chances are high that you receive a better discount for an order.
Low Cost:Cost is one of the driving factors for Amazon sellers. Wholesalers offer huge discounts and competitive prices. If you choose to buy in bulk, wholesale suppliers will lower the per-item cost. This allows you to offer more competitive prices on Amazon. Besides, most of the wholesalers are open to negotiation, so you can save a few more bucks as well.
Simplicity:Sourcing from wholesale suppliers is easy and straightforward. You also get to explore different products from a single supplier.
funds:You'll require a hefty amount to start sourcing from a wholesaler as you need to purchase more items at once.
Inventory Management And Storage:Since orders are sent in bulk, you'll need to look into sustainable storage options to manage your inventory.

You also have to sell your inventory without building up the costs. If you're confident that your product will generate enough sales, then it shouldn't be a problem. On the other hand, if your product is subjected to seasonality, then you'll lose money as the inventory costs keep growing.

Dropship Suppliers

Dropship suppliers are the most popular choice for e-commerce sellers. These suppliers maintain your inventory and send your products to customers.
No Inventory:Managing inventory can be daunting if you have a busy and profitable Amazon store. Maintaining your inventory along with the additional effort to track the shipping process can be extensive. The dropshipping model will get rid of this hassle.
Low Overhead Costs:You don't need to pay for bulk products and won't feel the pressure to empty the inventory. You only pay the supplier as you sell the products. This implies low overhead costs and financial risks.
Variety:Dropshipping is quite adaptive. You can change your Amazon store to suit your customer demand. Based on customer requests and shopping trends, you can carry products that will reap profits.
Less Control:With dropshipping, you give control to the middleman over your shipping process. If the supplier is trustworthy and verified, this shouldn't be a problem. However, there will be room for mistakes and you have less control over it when compared to handling your own inventory.
Stock Issues:Since the availability of the stock is under the supplier's control, it might result in out-of-stock.
Per-item Costs:Since dropshipping is convenient and you are not buying in bulk, the per-item costs tend to be higher when compared to other models. Therefore, it is harder for you to offer competitive prices on Amazon and be profitable.


The manufacturer is the one who produces the goods. When you purchase directly from the manufacturer or producer, you will have great offers on prices but you need to purchase massive minimum orders. Meaning, more investment up front. Sourcing from manufacturers is more beneficial for established sellers compared to new sellers.
Like wholesalers, manufacturers can also offer you a low cost per item. However, they can be reluctant to negotiate prices.
You can ask the manufacturer to personalize the product according to your specifications. This can definitely add to your advantage while selling on Amazon.
Large Minimum Order:If you are going to purchase from the manufacturer, you should be ready to pay them a hefty amount upfront. So the minimum order can get expensive.
Reluctance to work with SMEs:Most of the time, manufacturers will be less willing to work with small-scale Amazon businesses. They are more open to working with bigger brands.

Your Sourcing Process Must Be Easy And Flexible.

The cost of goods sold (CoGS) must be low enough to ensure good profit margins.Your products must have high quality. They should be tested and reliable. The manufacturer should be able to scale if you grow your business.While searching for a product supplier for your Amazon FBA business, you need to inquire and compare certain factors amongst the suppliers.

Here's A List Of Things You Should Ask The Suppliers.

Shipping duration of the productsHow they track the packagesShipment mode (what shipping company they use)Return policyLiability insurance certificateWhat happens if the product doesn't arrive?Standard documents and product certificates if applicableReferences from other sellers who have used their services
RND aims to find you profitable products from reliable China suppliers, take good care of your orders, deliver shipments in secure and economic way, provide one stop solutions to Amazon sellers. We make your sourcing and purchasing from China enjoyable.
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