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How do Small Sellers or Newbie do Product Branding

Product branding is the application of branding strategy principles to a specific item or product. It's the associating of a symbol, name, and design with a product to create a recognizable identity for that item. Product branding can be deeply complex, with focus groups, multiple rounds of designs, and so forth. But it doesn't have to be. It can be as simple as designing a logo and choosing a name and packaging color.

Whether Product You Choose Worth Branding

The purpose of product branding is to distinguish your product from the competition. You're also creating or narrowing the market to exactly the people you want to reach. If you don't invest anything at all into product branding, you'll end up with a sea of bland, poorly defined products. And your sales will show it. The real question isn't whether product branding is worth the investment. It's how much you should invest into product branding. And that will depend greatly on the size of your company and the margins of your brand.

Product Inspiration

Product reviews on Amazon or other third-party sites can contain a wealth of information about the products people use and what they like and dislike about them.

Brand Story

A good brand story can really catch people's eyes and make them stay with your brand for a long time.

Good Photography or Video

People are visual learners. 90 percent of information sent to the brain is visual, which means quality photography gives you quite an opportunity to make an impression and skyrocket your sales.

Enough Audience List

In-market audiences: are groups of users that demonstrate a high likelihood of purchasing what you're selling. These audiences are collected by analyzing browsing behavior, like the websites they visit, the ads they click, and the content they read to help determine what products they are "in-market" for.


Catch more traffic for your shop through organic and paid search, social channels, blogs and articles, public relations, display ads, etc.

Value to Society

Providing useful products and services for your customer can encourage sales, improve customer loyalty and grow your brand's reputation. Learning how to create value for your customers can have a direct impact on your company's Iong-term success.

How We Help you with Product Branding

Gift Cards/Thanks Cards

The insert cards can be easily made in 3-5 days at a cost of around 0.05USD/PC.

Logo on Package

Most of the color boxes can be made in a week once your the artwork and template. The cost of a regular gift color box is around 0.5USD/PC.

Logo on Product

To put logo on product is not very complicated once the order quantity hits the MOQ. The cost is about 0. 3USD/ Iogo.

Logo on Both Package and Product

This is almost a customized packaging idea for a set of products or bundIing products. It makes your product higher class and attractive. The cost could be very different accoding to different packaging ideas.

Gift cardsIt usually costs $30-$60 to produce 500-1k pcs
Logo StickersThis is the most flexible solution to brand low order quantity items. We can keep the inventory and only put logo sticker on the quantity that will be shipped. It costs about 0. 1USD/sticker.
Customized BoxSame as the logo sticker, we can order a certain quantity of customized boxes but only use them for the quantity that will be shipped and keep the rest for future shipments. A regular box costs around 0. 5USD/PC.
Customized Shipping Bag or EnvelopesThis needs much higher MOQ because they are quite cheap. We normally order 10K with printed logo each time. The bag costs about 0.03USD/PC. The envelope costs about 0. 1USD/PC.

What Our Customers Say?



RND company is one of the best companies that we have cooperated for many years and we can trust.They always help us find the best quality and the best prices in Yiwu market. Their delivery time is very quick.The whole team of RND company is friendly and looking for the best for us. Because of covid situation, we can not travel to China now. We are having a lot of help from this company.RND you are the best ❤️



We've been working with RND for more than 10 years. They make my sourcing and purchasing from China much easier and save lots of time and money for me. Nick and Riona took good care of my whole family during our trip in China. They also visited us in Poland in 2013 to attend a China trade show in Warsaw. I've put a couple of my contacts and friends in Poland to RND who did their work perfectly. This is a partner for work and real friend for family.



RND has been our sourcing agent for 7 years. They make everything super easy for us. They take care of everything in China so all we have to focus on is selling the items once they arrive.



I have dealt with RND since 2007 in my roll of importing goods to Australia from China.During this time I have always been treated with utmost respect and with my many visits to inspect factories I felt like one of the family.RND is helpful in that all my request were dealt with promptly and in a professional manner.To anyone looking to use the services of RND I can thougherly recommend this company along with the owners knowing you will get great honest service.



We met Riona in 2018 in Yiwu, China. One of our most successful Amazon colleagues introduced their team to us on our trip in China. We thought it wouldn't hurt to see one more sourcing agent at the very begining. Then we started the first trial sourcing order, after which we started bundling the first DIY product and after developing the first new product, etc. With their dedicated work, we've been very competitive on Amazon and looking for more sales on other sites now. Well done, RND.



My partner Nick from RND offers an end to end global sourcing service to Nexus Gold company looking to leverage the capabilities of the Asian supply markets with a strong focus on delivering savings to our clients’ bottom line. Nick works exclusively for the benefit of the clients. With dedicated local teams, RND covers the full sourcing cycle including market analysising, supplier qualification, supplier auditing, sample development, negotiation, selection and purchasing order management (quality and logistics). Nick understands the challenges involved and work in partnership to address the risks and deliver results to the bottom line.

RND aims to find you profitable products from reliable China suppliers, take good care of your orders, deliver shipments in secure and economic way, provide one stop solutions to Amazon sellers. We make your sourcing and purchasing from China enjoyable.
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