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Giving Your Amazon Product Photography Star Power

Good and professional product photos make your product look more attractive and turn more traffic into sales. You probably could not create high-quality photos yourself. It costs too much to hire a photographer and wait forever to get the photos, while your colleagues start selling on Amazon already. How to get nice photos for your products to have great sales on Amazon?
With our photography and graphic designing solution, no need to pay four-figure sums to a professional studio or designer, you will find your listings have all the benefits that good photographs and graphics can bring.

Product Photography Service

Basic Photography Service

If you place an order through us, you will get 5 first photos For free. While for additional images, we will charge $5/ piece. Ordinary white background product photos for e-commerce are also available .

Lifestyle Product Photography

Lifestyle photos are a bit costly, and usually, it costs around $200-$500 for recruiting models and leasing places. But RND is offering you a Lifestyle image photography at a meagre rate. Start from only $30.

Premium Video Make

In this technique, our experienced photographers will make your own professional e-commerce video, and make the video more bright and visible, do subtle changes, and remove the white background as per the client's requirement.

Graphic Design Services

Image For Product Description

Our experienced designer will add the product's schematic diagram to the pictures, to make the images more detailed. This will add attributes to your product and help your customer fully understand the details of your product. Price starts from $20.

Manual, Labeling, and Brochure Design

If you want to design a product label or brochure, share your idea with our designers. And they will surely assist you in making your idea come true. You can also ask us to design the manual because an excellent manual will make it easy for your customers to understand how to use your product correctly. Price starts from $20.

Packaging Designing Services

Packaging Template Design

We offer packaging templates for the customers who have their Packaging Designers. So our valued customers can make their designs based on the Packaging Template. Also, we will contact the manufacturers to help you produce the packaging according to your selected designs.

Lifestyle Package For Products

You only need to give us all the copyrights on the packaging and let us know the packaging style you want. Our designer will help you design the packaging style and continue to modify it until you are satisfied. Price starts from $20.

Professional Amazon Photography Service in China

Photography can give your customers instant information. It takes them less time and effort to process the info from an image as compared to text. So, if you want to talk to your customers quickly, then clear and detailed photos of your products are what you should be using on your pages. For more information, start your request to know more about your eCommerce photography service.

4 Steps to Start eCommerce photography service in China

Start Your Order

Go to our page of contact, fill your info in the form. If you want to make a quote before service, you can send us your project details, and we'll reply to you back in 24 hours.

Send Your Products To Us

Pack your best products without any dents and scratches, ship them to our studio. Also, tell us the tracking number of the product, so we will let you know when your products arrive.

Photograph Your Products

Once your product arrives in our studio, we will go through the details of your product, and if you want to ask questions or have concerns, you can ask before we start. After that, the payment is processed, and we'll start shooting your photos.

Delivery Online

Once your images are ready according to our standards, we'll post them in a private online gallery where you can see and download these images instantly. At RND, you will get the best deal for E-commerce photography.

Discover profitable products and reliable suppliers in China with RND. Our comprehensive services ensure seamless order management, secure and cost-effective shipping, and customized solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Experience a hassle-free sourcing journey with us!
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