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Amazon Upstream Storage-Star Service From China-FBA Shipping Expert In China.

Amazon Upstream Storage-Star Service From China-FBA Shipping Expert In China.

Mar 11,2023
What is Amazon Upstream Storage Service?

Amazon Upstream Storage service which is also called the STAR service. It is a ONE STOP solution provided by Amazon Global Logistics for FBA sellers, which includes cross-border transportation, warehousing, and intelligent replenishment to support the visualized overall supply chain from upstream storage to FBA centers.

FBA sellers can book the Amazon Global Logistics FCL(Full Container Loading) service and LCL ( Less than container loading) service, and store inventory in Amazon's Upstream Storage in the US in advance, creating flexible replenishment cycles to cope with temporary capacity adjustments and high demand in shopping season.

Amazon Upstream Storage Service is the suitable solution if you are in the following situations. 

1.when the quantity and capacity of goods delivered to FBA centers are limited; 

2.you are unable to send inventory in batches, frequent replenishment through high-cost transportation; 

3.Transportation delay affects product replenishment, unable to meet seasonal or random market demand in a timely manner;

4.Coordination with multiple logistics service providers has increased coordination costs, making it difficult to find destination warehousing services at ideal prices.

What are the advantages of Amazon UPSTREAM STORAGE  the STAR service?

1. Worry-free Storage: ASINs with automatic replenishment in Amazon UPSTREAM STORAGE are not subject to storage restrictions in Amazon FBA centers.

2. Convenient Operation: One-stop logistics and warehousing management, no need to deal with multiple logistics service providers, saving communication costs.

3. Cost Savings: The storage fees, inventory processing fees, and destination country replenishment fees in Amazon Upstream Storage have been greatly reduced, helping sellers save costs. Cross-border logistics costs are updated in real-time according to market trends, helping sellers optimize logistics costs.

4. Intelligent Replenishment: Once the inventory is transported to Amazon Upstream Storage, Amazon will replenish your goods to the Amazon FBA centers within 7-10 days after the automatic replenishment trigger. ASINs in Amazon Upstream Storage or ASINs being transported to the FBA centers can be searched and purchased.

5. Visual Management: Amazon Upstream Storage monitors daily store sales and FBA safety inventory to prevent out-of-stock and optimize store IPI performance. Inventory data and replenishment status in Amazon UPSTREAM STORAGE can be easily managed with intelligent visualization on the seller platform.

6. Flexible Shipping and Ordering Methods: Choose the Amazon Global Logistics FCL or LCL shipping method as needed. At the same time, sellers can book STAR services in Seller Central and Shipper Central.

7. Professional Team Support for Seller Compliance Operations: Amazon Global Logistics provides localized docking services to improve communication efficiency and help sellers comply with overseas operations.

If you want to find an agent purchasing company to help you source from Yiwu market and make arrangements of shipping to FBA Fulfillment Center through STAR service,  please contact us.

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