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Outdoor & Sports Purchasing Agent

Outdoor & Sports Purchasing Agent

Outdoor & Sports Purchasing Agent

Outdoor & Sports Procurement Catalog
Browse our Outdoor & Sports product catalog and find the perfect Outdoor & Sports products for your business.
Trekking poles as the essential gear for outdoor sports, the demand is increasing and the market size is huge. We can help you customize the trekking poles with your design and packing.
increasingly elderly population in this global bring a growing market for walking devices from 3.4billion size in 2021 and expected to reach 3.68billion in 2022, walking sticks' market size is huge. We can help you reach out different professional factories that are very flexible on the designs of sticks, handles and bases from the product itself and branding package.
The market for backpacks has always been good and finding a factory is easy, but finding the right one requires relevant expertise and experience, then there are no such concerns when working with us, we are here to help make your backpack business easier and stronger.

 Tent camping has always had a large market, for different people and scenarios need, our factory has different parameters of tents for customers to choose, can customize the fabric, color, size, packaging, labeling and accessories combination.
People can easily embrace off-grid living with your business. Our products provide reliable and sustainable energy solutions that enable you to live independently and reduce your carbon footprint.   we offer the perfect off-grid kits and systems for those seeking self-sufficiency and environmental consciousness.
Camping requires not only professional gears, but also the small items that new hikers can easily forget. A well-designed accessory kit would be a good addition to camping products. However, there is a wide variety of camping accessories, like camping lanterns, binoculars and first aid kits. We can help you design and source the relevant kits to make your own products.
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If the above description does not meet your needs, please tell us your needs, we can send you the most satisfactory information.
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Procurement Process Of China Outdoor & Sports Procurement Agent

Send us Outdoor & Sports products links or photos and details.
Our sourcing team will reach out different Outdoor & Sports suppliers to figure out the most suitable ones.
You will receive the best quotations we choose.
Let us know which quotations you want to go with.
We order and send Outdoor & Sports samples to you if necessary. Or we can confirm the details and start ordering straight away.
After receiving and reviewing the Outdoor & Sports samples, please confirm the detailed information of the order with us, including the order quantity.
We negotiate with the Outdoor & Sports supplier about the final price, production time, etc.
We send you the invoice of the order by which you send the deposit to us to start the order.

Service Pricing Of China Sourcing Agent

More than 15 years, RND has assisted more than 500 clients by managing their supply chain. Our service has helped them achieve higher purchasing efficiency, stricter quality control, faster sales and lower cost.We are committed to source high quality products with a best possible cost via a complete transparent process. NO HIDEEN FEE will be charged.
PlanService FeeServices included
Basic Plan3% of the order value, minimum fee 100USD/deal.If you decide to use your own suppliers in China, we can work with them to ensure the products are produced as your requirements. Once your suppliers send the cargo to our warehouse, we will inspect the quality and arrange the shipping to your address.
Pro Plan0%, all-in price for the productWe help to find the most suitable suppliers, obtain quotations, and provide manufacturing solutions free of charge.Once you are satisfied with the prices and samples, you place the order directly to us. We will take care of the production, quality inspection, and shipping to your address.RND ensures product quality and provides free replacement or compensation if any quality issue happens.
Customize PlanTalk to us for more detailsYou may need unique service to increase and smooth your business. Our dedicated and experienced team will find you the best solution to success.

RND aims to find you profitable products from reliable China suppliers, take good care of your orders, deliver shipments in secure and economic way, provide one stop solutions to Amazon sellers. We make your sourcing and purchasing from China enjoyable.
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