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Home Mats and Cushions Purchasing Agent

Home Mats and Cushions Purchasing Agent
Home Mats and Cushions Purchasing Agent
Home Mats and Cushions Purchasing Agent  
Browse our home mats and cushions product catalog and find the perfect  products for your business.
Floor Mats 
Floor mats are vital for wholesalers and online sellers, providing protective solutions for home entrances, doorways, kitchens, bathrooms and outdoors. There is a wide range to choose from for wholesalers and internet sellers. Specialized anti-fatigue mats, carpet mats, yoga mats, exercise mats and pet mats meet the needs of different customers and are highly sought after in the market.
Throw Pillow & Covers
 Cushions and pillows in various designs, colors and sizes add to the beauty of sofas, chairs and beds and offer possibilities for creative home styles. It's good business. Series of styles to create, can be INS style products, holiday ambiance sets, and can be lightly customized, printed with your exclusive patterns, sizes, and bundled with your products to sell just contact us now.
Area Rugs
 Area Rugs fill living rooms, bedrooms and dining areas with cozy, warm style. These rugs come in a variety of sizes, patterns and textures that can be customized. Contact us now and our carpet factory will help power e-commerce sellers and wholesaler clients to take their business to the next level!
Chair Pads and Cushions
 Our chair cushions and seat pads  are Ideal for dining chairs, patio furniture, and offices, along with gel cushions, memory foam cushions, and more, which sell well among office crowds, students, and more! Our buying agents curate a wide variety of home décor solutions that appeal to customers with unique preferences and needs. Seize the opportunity to cater to a wide range of market segments.
Pet Mats 
Learn about the advantages of working with our trusted pet mat factories. Get a wide variety of premium pet pads that ensure superior quality, comfort and durability. Benefit from cost-effective volume pricing, personalized customization options, and expert logistics support. We offer user-friendly product descriptions, drop shipment and white labeling services that enable online sellers to expand their reach and build their brand image. Boost your business today with our superior pet mats and seamless sourcing solutions.
Yoga & Exercise Mats
Learn about the advantages of working with our trusted yoga mat suppliers. Offer a wide range of premium yoga mats that ensure top-notch quality, comfort and durability. Enjoy cost-effective volume pricing, personalization and seamless logistics support. Expand your business and enhance your brand image using convenient products, drop shipment and white label services. Enhance your yoga and exercise mat products today!
Baby  Play Mats
 Discover the unique advantages of working with our trusted baby play mats factory. Explore a wide range of premium baby play mats, baby fitness activity mats and more to ensure safety, comfort and long-lasting quality. Competitive volume pricing, personalized customization and seamless logistics support help you double your profits by matching and following up with suppliers more efficiently and managing your supply chain in Asia, mainly China! Contact us to win together!
Carpet and Rug Pads
Experience the benefits of partnering with our trusted carpet and rug factories. Access premium pads for superior grip, comfort, and protection. Enjoy cost-effective bulk pricing, customizable options, and expert logistics support. Elevate your business offerings with high-quality carpet for all season and sizes, ensuring customer satisfaction and increased profits. Strengthen your supply chain in Asia, primarily in China, with our seamless sourcing solutions. Contact us today to enhance your carpet and rug product line and stay ahead in the market!
Gel Memory Foam Pad
 Experience the advantages of working with our reliable factories and suppliers for gel memory foam pillows and cushions. Explore a variety of memory foam products that  can bring you good profit. You'll benefit from the best pricing, low MOQ, production OEM options  and expert logistical support. Enhance your business offerings with our high-quality gel memory foam pillows and cushions to meet customer needs and increase profitability.  
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If the above description does not meet your needs, please tell us your needs, we can send you the most satisfactory information.
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Procurement Process Of China Door Mat Procurement Agent

Send us Door Mat products links or photos and details.
Our sourcing team will reach out different Door Mat suppliers to figure out the most suitable ones.
You will receive the best quotations we choose.
Let us know which quotations you want to go with.
We order and send Door Mat samples to you if necessary. Or we can confirm the details and start ordering straight away.
After receiving and reviewing the Door Mat samples, please confirm the detailed information of the order with us, including the order quantity.
We negotiate with the Door Mat supplier about the final price, production time, etc.
We send you the invoice of the order by which you send the deposit to us to start the order.
Benefits of Our Door Mat Purchasing Agent Services in China

Good Language Skills
Our sourcing team are all well educated in colleges and have years experience of working with foreign buyers. Your requests and demands will be understood in real time perfectly.
Several to 1 Service
There is a whole sourcing team working for you to have the most suitable solution to your requests.
Big List of factories
15+ years experience of products sourcing, Yiwu market researching and purchasing, working with 2000+ direct factories.
Free Quotation
No matter your order is big or small, we always send quotation for free.
Quality Guaranteed
We make sure the suppliers are responsible with quality issue. Our quality control and inspection also makes sure the quality issue do not happen on your end.
Short Sourcing Time
We will get back to you in hours after receiving your sourcing request. The quotation will be sent to you normally in 2 working days.

Service Pricing Of China Sourcing Agent

More than 15 years, RND has assisted more than 500 clients by managing their supply chain. Our service has helped them achieve higher purchasing efficiency, stricter quality control, faster sales and lower cost.We are committed to source high quality products with a best possible cost via a complete transparent process. NO HIDEEN FEE will be charged.
PlanService FeeServices included
Basic Plan3% of the order value, minimum fee 100USD/deal.If you decide to use your own suppliers in China, we can work with them to ensure the products are produced as your requirements. Once your suppliers send the cargo to our warehouse, we will inspect the quality and arrange the shipping to your address.
Pro Plan0%, all-in price for the productWe help to find the most suitable suppliers, obtain quotations, and provide manufacturing solutions free of charge.Once you are satisfied with the prices and samples, you place the order directly to us. We will take care of the production, quality inspection, and shipping to your address.RND ensures product quality and provides free replacement or compensation if any quality issue happens.
Customize PlanTalk to us for more detailsYou may need unique service to increase and smooth your business. Our dedicated and experienced team will find you the best solution to success.

RND aims to find you profitable products from reliable China suppliers, take good care of your orders, deliver shipments in secure and economic way, provide one stop solutions to Amazon sellers. We make your sourcing and purchasing from China enjoyable.
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