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Home Decors Purchasing Agent

Home Decors Purchasing Agent

Home Decors Procurement Catalog
Browse our home Decors product catalog and find the perfect home decor  products for your business.
Wall Art Decors
Discover a huge selection of top-quality wall art products from our reliable suppliers and factories. Fine canvas oil paintings, intriguing prints, elegant framed posters, striking wall decorations, unique metal wall art sculptures and captivating fabric tapestries to enhance your business products. Attract customers and win your market. Benefit from competitive volume pricing, customizable options, and professional logistics support. Enhance your product line with our exceptional collection of wall art. Partner with us for all sorts of products options, customize, bundle your unquie home decor kit.
Stylish Table Lamp
Our quality table lamps are ideal for wholesalers and Amazon sellers to brighten up your business. Our wide range of products includes stylish table lamps, practical bedside lamps and elegant modern lamps, also energy-efficient LED lights and striking decorative lamps to suit a variety of customer preferences. Benefit from highly competitive volume pricing and customizable options to create a one-of-a-kind collection. Partner with us to enhance your home décor offerings, engage customers and maximize profits. Seize the opportunity to brighten up your home and office with our high quality table lamps!
Decorative Mirrors
We offer exquisite luxury decorative mirrors for wholesalers and Amazon sellers to enhance your product line. Elevate any space with our elegant designer mirrors, ornate mirrors and high-end mirrors that reflect sophistication and luxury. Our decorative mirrors bring a sense of luxury to our customers and are perfect for upscale homes and boutique hotels. Competitive volume pricing and customizable options are available to meet a variety of interior design needs.  Seize the opportunity to brighten and enhance a space with our high quality, visually appealing luxury mirrors.  
Vase Decorations and Bowls 
Our decorative vases are customized for business owners, wholesalers and Amazon seller businesses. You can choose from ceramic vases and glass vases to increase your product line and attract traffic. Our sleek modern vases capture modern aesthetics and appeal to contemporary décor enthusiasts. You benefit from competitive volume pricing and customizable options that can meet the needs of a diverse clientele. Partner with us to curate a beautiful collection of vases that will attract discerning buyers and boost your business!
Artifical Plants and Flowers 
 Artificial flowers are ideal product choices for business owners, wholesalers and Amazon sellers. Choose from artifical flower factories for  home decor, wedding flowers, party flowers and more. Our factory will offer competitive bulk prices and customized options, relying on our professional sourcing service to enjoy quality control, stable delivery and one-stop shopping. Work with us to attract customers, engage buyers and expand your product line. Enhance your business with top quality artificial flowers. 
Candles and Candle holders
Candles are ideal for business owners, wholesalers and Amazon sellers. Our candles include center candles, decorative candles, pillar candles, glass jar candles and LED candles and soy candles, you'll benefit from candle Factory's extremely competitive volume pricing and personalized selection. You will enjoy strict quality control, reliable delivery and a convenient one-stop shopping experience. Partner with us to engage your customers, attract discerning buyers, and expand your home décor product line. Light up your business with beautiful candles!
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If the above description does not meet your needs, please tell us your needs, we can send you the most satisfactory information.
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Procurement Process Of China Kitchen Mat Procurement Agent

Send us Kitchen Mat products links or photos and details.
Our sourcing team will reach out different Kitchen Mat suppliers to figure out the most suitable ones.
You will receive the best quotations we choose.
Let us know which quotations you want to go with.
We order and send Kitchen Mat samples to you if necessary. Or we can confirm the details and start ordering straight away.
After receiving and reviewing the Kitchen Mat samples, please confirm the detailed information of the order with us, including the order quantity.
We negotiate with the Kitchen Mat supplier about the final price, production time, etc.
We send you the invoice of the order by which you send the deposit to us to start the order.
Benefits of Our Kitchen Mat Purchasing Agent Services in China

Good Language Skills
Our sourcing team are all well educated in colleges and have years experience of working with foreign buyers. Your requests and demands will be understood in real time perfectly.
Several to 1 Service
There is a whole sourcing team working for you to have the most suitable solution to your requests.
Big List of factories
15+ years experience of products sourcing, Yiwu market researching and purchasing, working with 2000+ direct factories.
Free Quotation
No matter your order is big or small, we always send quotation for free.
Quality Guaranteed
We make sure the suppliers are responsible with quality issue. Our quality control and inspection also makes sure the quality issue do not happen on your end.
Short Sourcing Time
We will get back to you in hours after receiving your sourcing request. The quotation will be sent to you normally in 2 working days.

Service Pricing Of China Sourcing Agent

RND, with over 15 years of experience, has become an integral partner for more than 500 clients, transforming their supply chains with services that enhance purchasing efficiency, enforce strict quality control, accelerate market presence, and significantly reduce costs.With RND, you can confidently navigate your procurement journey in the global market, assured of our unwavering dedication to honesty, fairness, and trust.
PlanService FeeServices included
Basic Plan5% of the order value ,  minimum fee  100USD/deal.If you decide to use your own suppliers in China, we can work with them to ensure the products are produced as your requirements. Once your suppliers send the cargo to our warehouse, we will inspect the quality and arrange the shipping to your address.
Pro Plan0%, all-in price for the productWe help to find the most suitable suppliers, obtain quotations, and provide manufacturing solutions free of charge.Once you are satisfied with the prices and samples, you place the order directly to us. We will take care of the production, quality inspection, and shipping to your address.RND ensures product quality and provides free replacement or compensation if any quality issue happens.
Customize PlanTalk to us for more detailsYou may need unique service to increase and smooth your business. Our dedicated and experienced team will find you the best solution to success.

Discover profitable products and reliable suppliers in China with RND. Our comprehensive services ensure seamless order management, secure and cost-effective shipping, and customized solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Experience a hassle-free sourcing journey with us!
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